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SnoBear was originally coined as the "Ultimate Ice Fisherman's Dream." While this is 100% true, the market and growth of the SnoBear has expanded beyond the hardcore sportsman.
The unique design of the SnoBear allows the whole family to safely and comfortably explore the world of ice and snow. The winter recreational sports market has never seen such a vehicle that introduces the social and mobility aspects of winter sports.
A traditional snowmobile does not allow a person to take a few of their friends and have some relaxing refreshments on the lake. The SnoBear does just that in style and comfort. Ask any of the SnoBear family - we don't sell our products, our customers do!

The SnoBear

The original recreational vehicle! Ice fish in a t-shirt in -40C weather in total comfort! Perfect for winter family adventures!

The SnoCoach

Get your customers and crew from Point A to Point B in total comfort and style, no matter what the extreme winter conditions!

The SnoCub

A trailer is handy any time, but when it's fully enclosed and heated, then you have something indispensable!


From a custom design to a simple hydraulic tilt deck, we have the trailer to suit your needs!

Sales & Service

SnoBear Canada

Canadian Distributor

1 Balzer Drive
Emerald Park, Saskatchewan
Email: sales@snobearcanada.com
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Warner Industries

Saskatchewan Dealer

415 Longman Cresent
Regina, Saskatchewan
Email: bruceholowaty@warnerindustries.ca
Saskatoon Location Opening Soon!!

Warner Industries

Manitoba Dealer

Unit A & B, 10 Keenleyside Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Email: ericahi@warnerindustries.ca
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All Other Locations

SnoBear Canada

For service and sales in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario,
Quebec, Eastern and Northern Canada
email us at sales@snobearcanada.com
or call 1-306-781-2401

The SnoBear

The original recreational vehicle! With built-in adaptable latched holes, this vehicle is built to serve as the ice-fisherman's dream machine. The efficient design allows you to ice fish at -40c degrees in total comfort and reaches speeds of up to 25 MPH!

The SnoCoach

Able to carry up to 14 passengers, lots of gear or a combination of both! It may look and perform like a specialty vehicle, but driving it feels just like another day on the road. What you use it for is limited only by your imagination!

The SnoCub

Need a little extra storage room? We've got your covered! The SnoCub is fully enclosed and heated and can be outfitted with extra seeting for more friends, workers or guest to join you on your winter adventures, towed easily by the SnoCoach!

Trailers & More

We carry a wide range of trailers, from custom designs to stock hydraulic tilts. And don't forget about our Fryin' Saucers - perfect for those shore lunches with the gang!


Ice Fishing

Experience ice fishing like you never have before! Get out and enjoy the great winter landscape our lakes have to offer with family and friends in the most luxurious and comfortable way possible - in a SnoBear!


Excellent Service

You never need to worry about excellent customer service! When you get into a SnoBear you become part of the family, and with a growing network of dealers and service locations - we've got you covered!


Annual Migrations

Join us every year at multiple gatherings! SnoBear owners from around North America gather at different locations during the winter months to visit, meet and greet celebrities, and of course - fish!


Custom Wraps

Let your imagination go wild! We can set you up with the best in the business to turn your wildest idea into reality with a custom wrap. Great for promoting that business!


Built to Work

It's not just for fun... Serious climates require serious machines, and whether you are in the mining and exploration industries, or eco-tourism, we have a product made for you!


Expands with You

As your needs grow, so does your machine! Our unique add-ons, like the SnoCub, are designed to allow you to get the most out of your vehicles. Fully heated and enclosed, they are a must-have addition!


Custom Trailers

Protect your investment! Whether it's a customized fully enclosed trailer, or a stock hydraulic tilt, we carry a full line of trailers for your SnoBear to travel from lake to lake!


Winter Fun

The winter season can be a long one, and that's perfect! Get you and your family outdoors and enjoy the beauty and splendor our white wilderness has. There's no better way to spend that family time than in a SnoBear!


From our Customers:

  • State of the Art

    "The SnoBear brings luxury into the world of ice fishing. It allows you to explore and fish areas with all the comforts of home! It's your transportation, ice hut, living room and bedroom all wrapped into the most comfortable way to get the most of your winter adventure! It's a state of the art ice fishing machine!"

    Bob Izumi "Bob Izumi's Real Fishing"
  • This one is like no other!

    "When it comes to ice fishing machines, this one is like no other! I have been using SnoBear's for a long time and have come to realize that once you have had one, it's hard to NOT have one. The unit is a fully enclosed ice fishing machine that hydraulically raises and lowers to the ice. It runs on a Hyundai gas engine and has two tracks and a set of skis that gets it from spot to spot."

    Wally Dan's Guide Service
  • Now THIS is how you ice fish!

    "In our land of winter and ingenuity, such a vehicle was inevitable...All manners of comforts surround: a forced-air propane furnace, overhead storage bins, a fold down table for lunches or poker, a power inverter for plugging in household appliances, fishings rod racks, cupholders, a stereo system... Hoo-doggie! fun!"

    Ron Petrie, Regina Leader Post"

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