About Us

SnoBear was originally coined as the "Ultimate Ice-Fisherman's Dream." This is 100% true. However, the market and growth of the SnoBear has expanded just beyond the hardcore sportsman. The unique comfort provided by the SnoBear allows the whole family to safely and comfortably explore the world of ice and snow. The winter recreational sports market has never seen such a vehicle that introduces the social and mobility aspect in winter sports. The traditional snowmobile does not allow a person to take a few of their friends and have some relaxing refreshments on the lake. The SnoBear does just that in style and comfort. If you have doubts about the SnoBear, we encourage you to ask an owner. We do not sell our products, our customers do!

What we do?

We produce winter recreational vehicles for both fishers and businesses.

Our Facilities

Our US distribution and products are manufactured in Isanti, Minnesota and our Canadian distribution is out of Regina, Canada.


We have many dealers throughout the United States and Canada. However we are always looking for more! Click here for more info


"The SnoBear brings luxury into the world of ice fishing. It allows you to explore and fish areas with all the comforts of home! It's your transportation, ice hut, living room, and bedroom all wrapped into the most comfortable way to get the most of your winter adventure! It's a state of the art ice fishing machine!"
Bob Izumi "Bob Izumi's Real Fishing"