? Frying Saucer

The Fryin' Saucer

Portable Deep Fryer

The Fryin’ Saucer is the fastest heating, most portable fryer ever developed. Weighing in at a mere 18 pounds, it’s compact, lightweight and a 1 pound canister of gas lasts 3 hours.

Compact and Easy to setup

Simply unpack it from the included carrying bag, open the legs, attach a 1 pound propane tank, and snap the patented saucer tray into place. Add 32 ounces of oil and use the electronic ignition to light the 13,000 BTU Super-Flame adjustable stainless steel burner and you’ll be cooking in no time!

Now You're Cookin'

Why wait to cook that walleye you just caught? Simply pop up the Fryin’ Saucer, pour in some oil and drop in your fish! The saucer design acts as a draining tray and keeps your food warm while you cook up another batch.
This product is economical as it only uses 1 quart of oil so you save money. Fry foods or boil items all in the same area. You can set up, cook, feed 8-10 people and clean up in less than 30 minutes.

Priced at just $199.99 + Tax
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