The Grizz

The Original

The Grizz has evolved into our new product - the SnoCoach! The following is for informational purposes only.

The size of a SnoBear with a much larger engine, underframe, suspension, track system and skis.

The Extended Grizz

Designed specifically to carry even more passengers and cargo than the original Grizz.

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The Grizz
is an industrial vehicle that was conceptualized as a request from numerous clients. A machine for winter travel in remote areas that is a fast, efficient, warm, and a smooth ride. With multiple applications for transport in: search and rescue, ambulance, oil patrol, gas, and electrical maintenance. The Grizz operates in unique terrain and extreme climates ranging from Alaska to the Siberian tundra.

Patented Max Tracks
Like the SnoBear, The Grizz uses the patented Max Track system, which creates equal distribution of weight throughout the track allowing superior traction. By having this kind of traction, the tracks adjust to contour over the terrain providing the smoothest ride in snow or on the ice.

Front Suspension
The front ski's are unique and when combined with the Max Track system it makes a dynamic combo. This combo provides improved strength for transport in the most comfortable ride ever.

The Grizz - Dimensions

  • Body Width:84.5 inches
  • Body Width over Mirrors:98.5 inches
  • Overall Length:200 inches
  • Ride Height:95 inches
  • Height - Down position:80.5 inches
  • Suspension Travel:10 inches
  • Base Weight:6000lbs

  • Width:80 inches
  • Length:126 inches
  • Floor to ceiling height:66 inches