The SnoBear

The original "recreational" vehicle. With built-in adaptable latched holes, this vehicle was built to serve as the ice-fisherman's dream machine. The efficient design allows you to ice fish in a t-shirt at -40c degrees in total comfort. For added safety, the tracks distribute the weight of the vehicle to LESS than one pound per square inch, while reaching speeds of up to 25 MPH.


  • Body Width:84.5 inches
  • Body Width over Mirrors:98.5 inches
  • Overall Length:200 inches
  • Ride Height:92 inches
  • Height - Down position:80.5 inches
  • Suspension Travel:9 inches
  • Hydraulic lift:14.25 inches
  • Base Weight:3,400lbs

  • Width:80 inches
  • Length:126 inches
  • Floor to ceiling height:66 inches

  • Zenith/Hyundai liquid cooled
  • EFI 4 Cylinder four-stroke
  • 40 Horsepower @ 3600 RPM
  • 55 ft-lbs. Torque @ 3600 RPM
  • 14 Gallon fuel tank

  • CVT belt drive
  • Park/Reverse/Neutral - Hi/Low
  • Fully-Differentiating final drive with selectable differential lock

Electrical System
  • Dedicated deep-cycle cabin battery
  • Independent engine battery
  • Dual battery charging system

Heating System
  • Thermostatically controlled 12 volt forced air propane furnace

2018 Models
Special Pricing Available on 2017 Models - click the links below to find out more!

SnoBear XP
Fully eqiupped with all options and a custom upholstered interior, the SnoBear XP merges style with utility.

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SnoBear TL
Has all the options you need at an affordable price to get you on the ice immediately!

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Patented Max Tracks
The Max Track system maximizes the capability of the track under all snow conditions. The system's unique geometry suspension prevents the front tracks from lifting by always balancing the forces across the face of the track belt. This cancels any front lift effect due to drive line torque, no matter how much power applied, maximizing flotation and traction.

Acralift System
Combined with the unique track design the Acralift System gives versatility like no other ice vehicle. It allows the machine to lower and raise 12 inches giving it the effectiveness of an fish house built right on the ice. Experience this exclusive hydraulic lift system in your new SnoBear!