The SnoCub

A trailer is a handy item to have any time, but when you have one that is capable of gliding over extreme winter terrain, is fully enclosed and heated? Well then you have something indispensable!

The SnoCub is built to the same strict standards as our other vehicles, so you can be assured that whatever cargo you are transporting it's safe and sound. Since the SnoCub is heated, it can be outfitted with seating providing extra room for more friends, workers or guests.

And since it is a trailer, it's also a great unit to take gear out to a work site and be able to leave it locked up and secure so everything is there waiting for you the next time you venture out. Handily pulled by our SnoCoach, the SnoCub is an excellent addition to any company looking to increase their winter transportation capabilities without necessarily having to purchase another driven vehicle.

SnoBear TL

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